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2.5lb Grain Bags

2.5lb Grain Bags

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Using our sterilized grain bags couldn't be easier. Simply add your preferred spore or liquid culture and wait for the mycelium to colonize. Each is filled with whole oats the perfect amount of gypsum and tested for optimal moisture content. They are compatible with a wide range of mushroom species, making them versatile and the perfect solution for any grower looking for reliability and convenience.

The process:
All our grain goes through a rigorous sterilization process, using a lab-grade, digitally controlled autoclave to ensure precise control over time and temperature. This guarantees that your spawn is fully sterilized without being overcooked, which is crucial. Once sterilized, the bags are removed from the autoclave in a clean room, sealed, and inspected for any potential issues. We then vacuum-package each bag with desiccant and sterile alcohol pads to keep them fresh and ready for inoculation.

The guarantee:
We take pride in our products and stand behind them with a guarantee, so you can cultivate your mushrooms with confidence.

Highlights & what youll get:
Guaranteed for 60 days!
Self Healing Injection Port!
Real 10T .2 µm Unicorn bags!
Vacuum packaged for freshness!
Sterilization indicator on each bag!
Sterile alcohol pads & instructions included!


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